Review these considerations when deciding on how to counter an offer to purchase your home.

  • How long has your home been on the market?

    If your home has been on the market for an extended period without producing a sale, it may be time to consider becoming a bit more negotiable.

  • What kind of response have you had?

    Consider the results you’ve seen from your marketing effort when you are formulating your counter-offer. If you haven’t had many showings (or offers) your asking price may be too high.

  • Are market conditions improving or worsening?

    Consider the state and direction of the market. If conditions are worsening, it may make sense to try and make a deal now. Conversely, if things appear to be improving you may want to hold fast at your asking price – or counter just below that level.

  • Are you under pressure to sell?

    If you are under significant pressure – or if you face financial trouble if a deal is not forthcoming, you are well advised to consider these facts in your counter-offer.

  • Does the buyer seem strong?

    If the offer is relatively straightforward – with few contingencies – and the buyer seems strong, you may want to consider this when countering.