A spotless home makes a strong impression on a buyer. While some level of dirt and clutter is endemic to life in the home, the fact is that the less “lived in” your home looks, the better it will show to buyers.

Consider a furnished model in a new home development – the furnishings and appointments give the look of a finished home – without the wear and tear of actual occupancy. Try to come as close to that level as possible – you’ll notice the difference in your sales effort.

  • Kitchens and baths

    Clean all kitchens and baths thoroughly and keep these areas spotless during the selling period.

  • Rugs and floors

    Shampoo rugs and vacuum frequently during the selling period. Consider refinishing stained or discolored wood floors.

  • Windows

    Wash all windows and keep these clean during the selling period. Wash all screens.

  • Cut down on clutter

    Consider removing some furnishings and personal possessions if any rooms seem cluttered (you can rent a storage space if you need somelace to put excess items). Clean out messy closets. Tidy up children’s rooms and play areas and try to keep these areas clean during the selling period. Impress upon your children the importance of cleaning up after play sessions.

  • Garage and basement

    Clean out the garage and basement. Organize stored items neatly and remove clutter. Sweep both areas clean

  • Clean up outside

    Clean up outside areas. Neatly store any ladders, lawnmowers, or other tools and equipment. Make sure that bicycles and children’s toys are stored in an appropriate place.Wash the exterior of the home is your siding is dirty.

  • Check your landscaping

    Make sure your yard is well tended. Keep the grass neatly mowed and edged. Check your shrubs and plantings to see if they need to be weeded or trimmed.

  • Maintain a fresh, pleasant scent in the home

    Purchase some potpourri or scented candles to use when the home is shown. Consider keeping firewood on hand during the winter if your home has a fireplace.